About Us

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The Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council is a privately funded, bi-partisan, youth-led initiative created by young people from all across the country. We are Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Most importantly, we are changemakers. Participation in the campaign does not influence appointment to the council. The President and the Office of Presidential Personnel will decide who is appointed to the council. We appreciate your help in making the council a reality.


  • Chair: James Ferencsik

  • Director: Avantika Krishna

  • Director of Government Relations: Ross Seidman

    • Director of Congressional Outreach: Sareana Kimia

    • Legislative Liason: Jade Reindl

  • Director of Communications: Grant Jirka

  • Deputy Director of Communications: Cathleen Jeanty

  • Director of Constituency Outreach: Jennie Kim

    • Director of Development and Outreach: Jackson Blanchard

    • Director of Ambassador Recruitment and Communication: Sam Schoemann

  • Director of Student Government Outreach: Grace Lee

  • Director of Youth Council Outreach: Chloe Pan

    • Deputy Director of Youth Council Outreach: Miguel Undurraga

We realize we cannot do this alone. Over 100 organizations have endorsed our proposal. Also, generous staff time has been donated by our partners:

Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council