Due to relentless efforts from the Pennsylvania team, the General Assembly of Pennsylvania unanimously passed a historic resolution calling on the President to create a federal youth advisory board and members of Congress to co-sponsor HJR 47.

Miguel Undurraga, Chair of the campaign, said "This resolution signifies our growing support within state legislatures that understand the importance of youth engagement and giving millennials a seat at the table. Our team is optimistic, and we expect more states to follow suit leading up to the next administration."

Pennsylvania House Resolution 483 was introduced by Rep. Brian Ellis and co-sponsored by 23 other members of the Assembly. The efforts to pass the resolution where led by the campaign's State Director, Siddarth Narayan. HR 483 is a declaratory resolution expressing the need for a federal youth advisory council to help the Executive Branch create policy and programs that genuinely address the needs of young people in America, The resolution was voted on favorably by the Committee on Children and Youth, and passed soon after unanimously. Its success in the House makes Pennsylvania part of a community of states having passed similar legislation, including Massachusetts, Indiana, and New Mexico, advocating for a need for a centralized mechanism enabling young people to become substantially more involved in the federal government.

The resolution comes in response to a lack of resources on the federal level to genuinely engage young people in public policy. While hundreds of university clubs, local youth councils and corporate youth boards engage young people in activities more theoretical than practical in terms of policy, there has never been a federal-level council designed to give young people the opportunity to advise the President on issues which affect them directly.