1) Collect and share with the President and Congress issues relevant to the 104 million Americans under the age of 24 through listening sessions across the country. 

2) Provide recommendations on the design and implementation of federal policies affecting young people. This will make the federal government more efficient and effective by incorporating young people’s innovative solutions and unique perspective.

3) Develop quality solutions on the most pressing issues facing the future of our country by creating a forum in which young people of differing viewpoints can find common ground. Solutions will require two thirds of all members to vote in the affirmative to promote compromise. 



The Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council was launched on Global Youth Service Day in April of 2012 to recognize the millions of young Americans that serve their communities.  The campaign will capitalize on both the Democratic and Republican parties’ need to win the youth vote in 2016.  

We are calling on both of the Presidential Candidates to tell the 104 million young Americans that, if elected, he will create a Presidential Youth Council and work to increase youth engagement in our government.

U.S. Representative John B. Larson, Former Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus and fourth-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives, introduced a resolution to Congress calling for the creation of a Presidential Youth Council with Representative Rob Bishop of Utah. To this date, 50 Congresspeople from both the Republican and Democratic parties are currently co-sponsoring the bill.

In order to get more support in the House, we need your help. You can apply to join our field operations team as a District or State Director, or can volunteer to contact your member of congress and ask him or her to co-sponsor HJR 47, the resolution calling for the creation of a Presidential Youth Council.

Together we will show the Presidential Candidates that their peers on both sides of the aisle think a Presidential Youth Council is a good idea to make government more efficient, effective, and innovative. 

To take your activism a step further, write an op-ed about why youth voice and the Presidential Youth Council matters.  We will work with you to get your op-ed published in your local newspapers and on our partners’ websites. 

With your support and that of our congress we can ensure the first appointment of a Presidential Youth Council and make youth voices a bi-partisan priority in Washington. It’s time for youth to be heard!