Washington, D.C. 

Today, U.S. Sens. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Orrin Hatch, (R-UT), introduced a resolution calling for the creation of a Presidential Youth Council, which will serve as a bipartisan, bicameral federal advisory committee comprised of 24 young adults between the ages of 16 and 24. The Council will advise the President and Members of Congress on new federal policies and programs that pertain to and affect American youth.

 “Our democracy’s strength relies upon the vigorous discussion of policy and ideas by all of its citizens. The Presidential Youth Council will provide a much needed voice for a group of Americans whose concerns all too often go unheard. The millennial generation will be faced with some of the greatest challenges of this century, and it is only fitting that these young people and generations to come be given a vehicle by which they can convey their valuable insights and new approaches to problem-solving directly to the highest levels of our government,”  said Sen. Booker.  

“Young adults deserve a government that represents their interests, which is why we are calling for the creation of a Presidential Youth Council.”  said Sen. Hatch. “This committee will involve future leaders in the political process from an early age, encouraging responsible citizenship and civic participation in a new generation of Americans. Because the laws we enact now will have a lasting impact on our children, both Congress and the White House should consider the views of America’s youth.”  

Council members will be appointed by the leadership of both parties and all official recommendations will require the formal agreement of two thirds of allmembers.

 The Council will be funded by private donations in a public-private partnership that will have no impact on the federal budget.

 The Council will reflect the geographic, racial, socioeconomic, and philosophical diversity of America. While the Council will be comprised of civic-minded individuals, it will also seek to leverage the perspective of individuals with career aspirations outside of and within the realm of politics.

 "A Presidential Youth Council will represent the full brightness and diversity of the Millennial generation in advising the President and Congress on the varying and pressing needs of young people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, around the country. In co-creating federal youth policy and programs that serve the needs of young people, the Council will be providing a much-needed service: connecting the needs of youth, whose voices are so seldom heard where it matters most, with the decision-making capabilities of our highest governing institutions,” said Youth Advisory Board Member and Montclair, NJ native H. Caleb Simmons who led the campaign in advancing this legislation in the NJ Assembly.