The Presidential Youth Council will be created as an official Federal Advisory Council by either Congress or the President and hosted at the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). CNCS is uniquely set up to support the Youth Council with a bi-partisan board of directors and the ability to seek and receive private funds. To eliminate federal government costs, private funds will be used at the discretion of CNCS to support the program. 



Presidential Youth Council members will serve 12-month terms. Each term will begin with two weeks spent in Washington, D.C. where council members will participate in training sessions to improve their communication, outreach, and policy skills. During this time the Council will hold its first official meeting and decide the topic areas for the issues it will focus on over the course of the year. Council members will return to Washington at least four times during their term to continue their policy work, deliberations, and to write their recommendations. 

While at home, Presidential Youth Council members will work with their supporting organization and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) State Directors to hold regional outreach events and listening sessions. Monthly conference calls will provide ongoing support and development opportunities for each member of the Presidential Youth Council, as well as the ability to coordinate the council’s policy and engagement efforts. 

Each Council member will conclude their term with two weeks in Washington D.C. where they will finish their policy work and train and mentor the incoming Presidential Youth Council members, contributing to a successful annual transition of youth leadership. 

All expenses related to the Presidential Youth Council will be covered and each member will receive a stipend, pursuant to federal government regulations. This will ensure that the program is open to all young Americans, regardless of their financial resources. In addition, each young person will have or will be assigned an affiliated organization or school sponsor and will be connected with their CNCS state director, who will provide additional administrative training and logistical support to the Youth Council member.