For too long, the views of youth have been absent from the federal policymaking process. Young Americans are constitutionally barred from being elected federal officials, and there is not a single American under the age of 24 on a Presidential Advisory Committee.  We believe that this does two things. First, it produces inefficient and ineffective policy outcomes that could easily be remedied.  Second, it dissuades young Americans from being civically engaged. Only 29% of young people believe they have a say in what the government does. That is a massive problem.  Right now, we need young Americans to embrace their role in ensuring that the challenges of today do not become the challenges of tomorrow.  That will not happen if the federal government does not give young Americans a seat at the table in the federal policymaking process.



The Millennial Generation has proven that the ideas of young people can change the world. In 2004, four college students launched a website that now has more users than the population of the 2nd largest nation in the world. Two years ago, a high school student designed a method to detect breast cancer with 99% accuracy. The federal government has underutilized this creative potential of young Americans. That needs to change. Our federal government needs a new source of common-sense, innovative ideas, and a Presidential Youth Council can be that source.

“If you had a problem in the African-American community, and you brought in a group of white people to discuss how to solve it, almost nobody would take that panel seriously. In fact, there would probably be a public outcry. It would be the same for women’s issues or LGBT issues. But every day, in local arenas all the way to the White House, adults sit around and decide what problems youth have and what youth need, without ever consulting us.”
— Jason, 17 Years Old